Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Google or Not to Google

How often do you "Google" your name or business? How about your competition? If not, you should. The internet continues to evolve and change the way consumers view business and often times serves as the first contact they have with your business. In my consulting business, we often suggest to business owners to do an internet search of their business to see if the results match their expectations.

My last blog focused on what to do if you see negative reviews of your business; that blog was probably a premature publication. In reality, I should have started this series with the suggestion to do the internet search. Most doctors and business owners or managers rarely do a search, but most will find that the search results are not what they expect. In most cases, the search results include a listing of consumer reviews of the business from sites like Google Reviews, ratemds.com, healthgrades.com, etc. Granted, the reviews are from patients, not medical professionals, but patients can tap into the internet media and write their review of your business.

  • The first step in managing your internet presence is to do the search, and, do this search regularly.
  • Second, don't take any negative reviews personal. I tend to look at negative critique as a gift - information letting me know what to improve upon.
  • Thirdly, get your practice involved in social medial channels. All doctors tell me that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising, and, I agree. As such, give your patients a site they can use to spread their story about your practice.
So take this opportunity to learn about what is being said, or not said, about your practice. You might find that social media represents the most budget friendly marketing and advertising you could ever do!


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