Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Social Media = Budget Friendly Marketing/Advertising

I just been contracted to build another CONNECT system, an internet based marketing and advertising tool that utilizes social media outlets. Primoro, Inc. has now built 25 or 30 of these systems much to the delight of business owner. For a very low set up fee, with no on-going annual fees, I cannot think of another marketing/advertising tool more budget friendly.

Most practices use some type of marketing and advertising tool, whether it be their own website, yellow pages, in-house brochures, even a business card. For most practices, the total marketing and advertising spend should be 3-5% of net collected revenue. And as for the aforementioned tools, there are ongoing expenses due to the less-than-user-friendly nature of the tool. One example is your website. How often do you have it updated? My guess is not very often. It takes a lot of time, and perhaps money, to make the change. Yellow pages is another example. You contract for a specific ad for one year. Suppose you move, or add a new service; well you are simply stuck with what you have until the contact is renegotiated.

What if you had a marketing and advertising tool that was truly user friendly? Well, CONNECT offers this solution. Using CONNECT as your social media tool is as easy to use as writing an email. And with recent programming updates, these internet site (I like to call them "microsites" because they look and feel like mini websites), you can add as many a 10 separate pages to be used however you choose.

Take some time and consider the value social media and other Web 2.0 technologies can have on your practice. Primoro, Inc. offers one hour complimentary consultations, and, we would be happy to assist you.


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