Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Social Networking

News Release

New Social Networking Opportunity from PRIMORO, Inc.

Fayetteville, Georgia, June 9, 2009 - - Robert Rosser, President of Primoro, Inc. announced a new service offering, Social Networking Capability, for medical practices. Taking advantage of the power of social networking is the new newsletter. Physicians have long wanted to stay connected to their patients, but the expense and time necessary to create newsletters made the task difficult at best. Embracing the power of the internet with social networking affords physicians the opportunity to stay connected with their patients with a frequency and speed not before utilized.

The addition of Social Networking Capability to your marketing strategy is a cost effective way to stay connected to your patients.

“This is an exciting new offering from PRIMORO, Inc.” said Robert Rosser, President. PRIMORO, Inc. “Unlike other marketing tools typically used by physicians, social networking capability reaches patients in the format and timeframe most patients are looking for. This world is busy and patients are looking for quick information beneficial to better health.”

About PRIMORO, Inc.

PRIMORO, Inc., with headquarters in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, is a consulting organization offering its clients with “thoughtful medical practice consulting.” Improvement in the cornerstones of business operation, financial analysis, business processes, employee relations, customer relations, drive behaviors beneficial to the physician-owner and the patient alike. The context of your business to develop and implement the strategies necessary for success in today's market driven climate is the focus of PRIMORO, Inc.

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PRIMORO, Inc is registered as a Corporation in the State of Georgia.

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